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Thank you for visiting my website.


For over two decades, I have been a proud and dedicated member of the South Florida legal community. My career in law was fostered by the ethics, honor, and sense of responsibility that my parents and grandparents impressed upon me over the years.


I take tremendous pride in everything do both professionally and personally. As an attorney, husband, father, son, and member of this community, I have a vested interest to ensure that each of us succeeds and prospers.


When I represent a client, I am sensitive to the fact that it is an emotional, time consuming, and often difficult time for the client, their family and loved ones.


Please, always remember, I am here to protect your rights and respect you as an individual as we proceed throughout the legal process.

I look forward to working on your behalf.

Warmest regards,


John Olea, P.A.

Attorney At Law

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