Traffic Ticket Defense

Traffic violations may seem trivial but hiring an experienced attorney must be considered. There are both known and unforeseen penalties associated with traffic tickets.


Contact the Law Offices of John Olea, P.A. before you pay a speeding ticket or any other traffic violation. It is almost always worthwhile to have a free consultation regarding your traffic ticket.


Because paying a ticket equates to pleading guilty to an offense, it may result in points on your license, possible suspension, revocation, or cancellation, a mention on your criminal record and it may affect your credit score. Often, traffic violations may lead to higher insurance premiums. Pleading guilty or no contest to a ticket at the can have both immediate and long-lasting consequences. Commercial drivers may face harsher penalties, including loss of employment and income. 


  • Speeding


  • Driving on a Suspended License

  • Hit and Run

  • Vehicular Homicide

  • Aggressive Driving

  • Leaving the Scene of An Accident

  • Disobeying a Traffic Signal

  • Driving Accident

  • Distracted Driving


With regard to traffic violations, John does not question guilt or innocence. The law and procedural technicalities play a critical role when determining the validity and argument on traffic tickets. Often, John can immediately spot a defective or improper ticket and sometimes receive a dismissal.


For more than twenty years, John's thorough knowledge of traffic law, procedural law, and the South Florida court system, has proved beneficial to over 3,000 traffic ticket clients.


Have you received a traffic ticket?


The Law Offices of John Olea, P.A. can help you.


  • Avoid fines or have them lowered.

  • Have your charges dropped or reduced

  • Avoid point accrual on your driving record

  • Avoid increased car insurance premiums

Attorney John Olea has successfully defended many hundreds of cases, from the most serious to simple infractions. John is sensitive to the fact that any charge, even a minor one, can be absolutely devastating and cause emotional, financial, and other hardships. John devotes his time and thorough attention to the individual circumstances and details of every client’s case.


John Olea is personally available to discuss your case and answer any questions. Call 561-624-7717